Hemp Revolution

Hemp Revolution

The youth are the future and we feel it’s important for Afends to be a role model in sustainable practices. We’ve spent years researching Hemp, our favourite eco-friendly fabric alternative that’s been dismissed largely due to outdated propaganda.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The environmental damage that it causes is devastating, but we believe there are solutions and alternatives to these issues. This is where hemp comes in. As a renewable resource, hemp takes as little as 90 days to cultivate, requires significantly less water than cotton, and produces significantly more fibre per acre. It supplies its own nutrients to the soil, which replenishes its fertility, and needs no toxic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides in order to grow, making hemp the frontrunner for the most sustainable and economical potential. The more we have investigated and researched, the deeper our understanding has become that this plant is the way of the future.


Considered an environmental super fibre, Hemp is one of the most durable and economically viable all-natural threads. The Afends Hemp Revolution is our way of promoting sustainability to our consumers as well as the surf and fashion industries. The fashion industry alone is one of the biggest contributors of pesticides worldwide mainly due to cotton farming.

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